Decking Kits from scaffold boards - You tell us what you want. We build and deliver it. You dance and party on it!

scaffold boards into picnic bench

Boards, Builds and Barbeques! – Tough, durable decking made from new Boards, charred Boards or reclaimed Boards. Take your pick.

Strong but also attractive

Designed for the high demands of construction sites, it's no surprise that scaffold boards have proven to be ideal for use a decking material. A strong and safe platform, capable of handling the foot traffic and weight of outdoor furniture and gatherings.

With a story to tell

What really sets scaffold board decks apart though is their aesthetic appeal. They carry the imprints of their industrious past—scratches, dents, and even residual paint. These markings, far from being blemishes, add a layer of authenticity and rustic beauty. This raw charm can transform any outdoor area into a space that tells a story.

What finish to go for? – It's up you you

Our boards can be stained, painted, or left in their natural state. Customize them to your heart's content. Aiming for a sleek, modern design? Or embracing a rough-around-the-edges look? Either way our scaffold boards offer a broad canvas for creativity.

Whatever your choice, proper sanding, sealing, and occasional maintenance will keep these boards looking their best for years to come.

Scaffold board decking offers an ingenious blend of industrial ruggedness and refined elegance. For those seeking a unique outdoor space, our boards offer an eco-friendly solution that's functional and full of character.

More Project Ideas

But why stop at decking? Scaffold Tubes, Boards and Fittings can be combined in thousands of ways to build an endless range of strong and practical items.