Outdoor Kitchens from scaffold boards - Fit a hob, drop in a sink or two. Build exactly what you need.

scaffold boards into picnic bench

Custom designed to suit your needs, our kitchens are easier to keep clean and more economical than metal or brick built equivalents.

Strength, warmth and style

The appeal of using scaffold boards lies not only in their robust nature but also in their aesthetic charm. Their rugged appearance provides a rustic touch that complements the outdoor setting perfectly. Paired with modern appliances and fittings, the contrast creates an urban yet rustic feel.

They can be cut, sanded, painted, or stained however you wish to match the desired look and location. Go for a polished, sleek appearance or retain their rugged, worn character. Whatever your design, our scaffold board outdoor kitchens provide a lot of room for customisation.

Perfect for countertops

Able to withstand the weight of heavy kitchen appliances, our scaffold board kitchen worktops are good for many years of service with minimal maintenance.

It's essential to ensure that the scaffold boards used are adequately treated to make them suitable for kitchen use. This usually means sanding down rough surfaces. Treating the wood to make it resistant to pests. Applying a sealant to protect against potential water damage is also recommended.

Good for the environment

Repurposing scaffold boards reduces waste, giving old materials a new lease on life. An easy, eco-friendly option to reduce your carbon footprint whilst creating a bespoke design.

More Project Ideas

But why stop at kitchens? Scaffold Tubes, Boards and Fittings can be combined in thousands of ways to build an endless range of strong and practical items.