Scaffold Fittings

A wide range of high quality scaffolding fittings, bought, sold and exchanged.

A wide range of strong couplers and connectors

Used for joining scaffold tubes with a diameter of diameter 48.3mm. Our drop forged fittings provide vital strength in load bearing applications, joining tubes safely together at the exact angle required.

Service 1

Double Coupler

Used to connect scaffold tube at a 90 degree angle.

Service 2

Single Coupler

For non load bearing connections such as scaffold toe board clips.

Service 3

Swivel Coupler

For connections at any angle through 360 degrees.

Service 3

Joint Pin

Used to join two lengths of vertical scaffolding tube.

Service 3

Sleeve Coupler

Used to connect two scaffolding tubes, end to end.

Service 3

Base Plate

Used at the base of the scaffold to ensure a secure and even placement.

Service 3

Band and Plate Coupler

Used to connect tubes at a 90 degree angle or combined with screwbolts.

Service 3

CI Sheet Roofing Coupler

Secure corrugated sheets to scaffold tube in a temporary roof structure.

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