Sell or exchange your unwanted Scaffolding

Whether you are upgrading, retiring or changing businesses Tube Monkeys are interested in your used scaffolding equipment. We also offer exchange deals on most equipment. First enter your details and when you think it will be available. Then enter the number of items in the Purchase Estimator to find its used value.

Purchase Estimator


First you need to choose a transport option for the stock


Ok, now fill out your details and use the table below to find the value of your stock.

We Buy How Many? We Pay
21ft Tube used £0.00
16ft Tube used £0.00
13ft Tube used £0.00
10ft Tube used £0.00
8ft Tube used £0.00
6ft Tube used £0.00
5ft Tube used £0.00
8m 450mm Beam £0.00
6m 450mm Beam £0.00
5m 450mm Beam £0.00
4m 450mm Beam £0.00
3m 450mm Beam £0.00
2m 450mm Beam £0.00
1m 450mm Beam £0.00
Apollo X Beam 750mm 6m £0.00
Apollo X Beam 750mm 5m £0.00
Apollo X Beam 750mm 4m £0.00
Apollo X Beam 750mm 3m £0.00
Apollo X Beam 750mm 2m £0.00
Apollo X Beam 750mm 1m £0.00
6m 750mm Beam £0.00
5m 750mm Beam £0.00
4m 750mm Beam £0.00
3m 750mm Beam £0.00
2m 750mm Beam £0.00
1m 750mm Beam £0.00
Double Coupler £0.00
Single Coupler £0.00
Swivel Coupler £0.00
Sleeve Coupler £0.00
Base Plate £0.00
Steel Clamp (Gravlock) £0.00
Ladder Clamp £0.00
CI Sheeting Coupler £0.00
Board Clamp £0.00
CI Roofing Sheet 2.4m (8ft) £0.00
Ladder 8m £0.00
Ladder 7m £0.00
Ladder 6m £0.00
Ladder 5m £0.00
Ladder 4m £0.00
Ladder 3m £0.00
Ladder Gate £0.00
Ladder Hatch £0.00
Fitting Bin £0.00
Tube Stillage £0.00
Sign Board Frames £0.00
Rubbish Chute £0.00
Hopper £0.00
Brick Guards £0.00
13ft Board £0.00
10ft Board £0.00
8ft Board £0.00

Terms of Purchase

All prices are based on materials being in good working order, any damaged goods will not be accepted.

Tube lengths must be within 100mm (shorter/longer) of the stated length. Any below 100mm will be rounded down to the next generic size.

Please note that we only pay 50% of the value of the boards upon arrival to our yard so we can visually check them. The remaining balance will be transferred following inspection. Any boards that we cannot purchase due to damage will be returned, or we can dispose of them on your behalf.