Scaffolding Ancillaries

Quality ancillary products and accessories

A growing range of access support equipment. Bought, sold and exchanged.

Important in providing an efficient and safe installation, we supply the ancillary items you need to complete the installation.

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Aluminium – 6m, 5m, 4m, 3m

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450mm Aluminium Beam Spigot

Used in conjunction with Spring clips in an end on end configuration.

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Scaffolding Spring Clips

For use with 450mm Aluminium beams.

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Steel Ladder Beams

Available in 6m, 5m , 4m 3m lengths

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Spring Loaded Ladder Access Gates

For safe access from the outside.

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Scaffolding Ladder Hatches

Used when ladder access through a boarded level is required.

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Gin Wheels

With a drop forged eye for connection to a Scaffold tube.

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18mm Scaffolding Gin Wheel Rope 100m

Strong 18mm Polypropylene rope.

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Scaffolding Single Steel Stair Treads

A secure and versatile method of building a stair unit from scaffolding.

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Plastic Brickguards

For strong and easy to use site protection.

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Ready Lock Transoms

3, 4 & Board-wide, 4 + 3 Board-wide, 5 + 3 Board-wide

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Scaffolding Sign Board Frames

Small – sign size 30" x 20", Large – sign sie 36" x 24"

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